Wellness (Health/PE)

The wellness department at North Shore Tech aims to provide our students with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle during and after they are through with high school.

The physical education curriculum in the freshmen year is Fitness For Life, teaching students the basic concepts of fitness and how to work on the components of fitness on their own.  After the freshmen year, physical education courses are a mix of furthering their knowledge and practice of fitness concepts as well as some of the traditional games played in physical education.  They learn the rules and basic skills of games like soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, softball/baseball and more.  In addition to traditional games, popular fitness activities are taught such as yoga, weight training, Zumba, Pilates, and new training concepts such as P90X and Cross Fit.

Adventure education is also taught in all grades with the mission of teaching students life skills through experiential learning.  These skills include conflict resolution, problem solving, communication, teamwork, and more.  In the senior year students take a field trip to experience the ropes course built by High 5 Adventure Learning Center at Essex Aggie.

The health curriculum focuses on skills-based education outlined in the National Health Education Standards.  Concepts typically taught in health like human sexuality, drug and alcohol prevention education, and nutrition and fitness are taught through the skills of decision making, goal setting, advocacy, interpersonal communication, accessing information, self management, and analyzing influences.  Health, taught in grades 9 and 11, is a project based course.