Special Education

Mary Kroesser
Special Education Administrator x232

Susan Stevens
Assistant Special Education Coordinator/ Team Chairperson x297

Patricia Bonnevie
Special Education Secretary x347

An Overview of Our Programs

Special Education Programs and Supports Inclusion

North Shore Technical High School is an inclusive school. Our inclusion model is one of co-teaching and collaboration. Inclusion classes with a general education content teacher and a special education co-teacher are offered in all grades and in every major subject area. All teachers who participate in inclusion are involved in ongoing training and support. Teachers collaborate on curriculum planning, classroom modifications, teaching strategies, grading, and exchange of any pertinent information regarding students IEPs and academic progress.

Academic Support

The academic support program helps students function successfully in the general education curriculum. Special education staff works with students to help them improve skills needed for academic success. Through the teaching of specific organizational and study-skills strategies, students are encouraged to become independent learners and to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They learn compensatory strategies in order to cope with their disabilities.

Wilson Reading

The Wilson Reading is an interactive and multisensory program that teaches students how to accurately decode. Instruction is delivered on an individual or small group basis, utilizing the Wilson system. Objectives of the program are improved reading comprehension, syllabication, spelling and reading fluency.

Speech and Language

The Speech and Language Pathologist performs diagnostic tests assessing voice, speech, oral and written language. Communication weaknesses are remediated through instruction provided on an individual and/or small group basis. Methods include instruction in phonological processing, paraphrasing, concept formation, critical thinking, social language, vocabulary, reading, writing, defining and describing, word play and humor.

Special Education Parents Advisory Council

A Special education Parents Advisory Council (PAC) has been formed to promote parent-school partnerships. The purpose of this council to is to provide a forum to share information and discuss matters of concern and interest for children with special needs. The meetings provide opportunities to hear speakers and have discussions regarding a variety of special education topics. Past presentations have included information on specific disabilities, special education law, and understanding IEPs. Meetings are held in the fall, winter, and spring and are open to all parents of special education students attending North Shore Technical High School.