Culinary Arts

Instructors: Chef DeSando, Chef Cloutman and Chef Bickerstaff

This program provides students with knowledge in the Food Service, Culinary Arts and Baking Industry. The program simulates a live working laboratory (i.e., Restaurant, Commercial Bake Shop, Table Service, Banquet and Catering). Students will become familiar with industry standards, safety and quality workmanship. Exposure to fundamental cooking, baking and “front of the house” service will be taught. Skills associated with purchase, the storage and safety of foods and related products will be covered.

The course of study includes personal responsibilities and professional work ethics. Also presented will be the importance of cleanliness, personal hygiene, along with food safety, cooking and baking techniques. The techniques and skills associated with a job search including interviewing skills, resume writing and methods in securing employment in the food service industry will be covered.

The National Restaurant Association “Pro-Start Certification Program” will be offered to eligible students building the foundations of leadership and responsibility. The curriculum will be presented in sequential order. Students will rotate through assigned workstations while simulating a working environment. The student-run restaurant “The Log Bridge Inn” will provide a work place experience fostering the leadership skills necessary to be successful in the food service industry.

The Log Bridge Inn Bakery Program will provide training in the workings of a commercial and retail bake shop. Serv -Safe sanitation and HAACP regulations will be taught with opportunity for student certification.